Listing Your Property

Anyone can list a property on Airbnb, but with 1000s of properties available, will yours stand out from the crowd?

One of the best ways to make sure your property gets noticed on Airbnb is the quality of your listing. A detailed, concise, interesting listing is one of the most crucial elements for drawing people to your property and our team of friendly experts is here to show you how.

With topics including How to Have a Competitive Airbnb Listing to Get Booked Quickly and Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Effective Airbnb Listing, our blog can help ensure your Airbnb listing attracts buyers.

As the short-term property rental experts, we'll show you how to get:

  • Better, higher ranking listings
  • Quick bookings
  • Better quality customers
  • Maximised rental returns
  • Increased repeat customers
  • Glowing reviews
  • Higher booking ratings

The Best Kept Secrets of High-Ranking Airbnb Hosts

High Ranking Airbnb Hosts

Every host wants to boost their ranking on the Airbnb website. Its search engine works a little bit like Google with the way it ranks the listings. Therefore, if you are familiar with how the search algorithm works, you can figure out how to win the Airbnb battle.

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Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Effective Airbnb Listing

Comprehensive guide

An Airbnb listing is one of the most crucial elements that will bring in people to your property. There are three main parts of the listing: the title, description, and pictures. Out of these three, you can already tell that pictures will capture the attention of a potential guest. However, it does not mean you should give more focus on the images that you upload.

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How to Have a Competitive Airbnb Listing to Get Booked Quickly

Inside bedroom

Airbnb properties in Australia are booming. A detailed analysis showed that a single room in Sydney generated an average of almost $18,500 in 2017. In Melbourne, it was slightly lower but still more than $16,000 while Brisbane had an average of $12,000+. Perth followed the list with more than $11,600 and Darwin at exactly $10,258 in the same year.

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