How to Manage Your Airbnb Property Remotely

Airbnb 101 Aug 2020 Manage Airbnb Property Remotely

Contrary to what some people may think, you do not need to leave your full-time job to start an Airbnb business. You can still be a host while you keep your day job. You can even purchase multiple rental properties, travel, and earn money.

Or, you can rent one or more properties in an area with a lucrative market and rent it out to businesspeople and holidayers.

If you plan to manage the property remotely, you have to think about everything the moment you list it. Understand that you cannot meet your guests or even maintain or clean the property yourself. Often, it is much more difficult to manage something that is out of your reach.

Let us say that you have done your research and you already have the Airbnb property up for rent. The next steps include having an effective system in place. Since you cannot physically be there to check your guests in, automation is your friend. Focus on areas such as communication, security, and cleaning.

This guide will help you generate a satisfactory return on your investment, as well as tips on how to successfully manage your Airbnb remotely. Here is a list of the things that you need to focus on:


1. Communication

It is essential that you have a reliable communication method with your guests. If you hire a property manager, it will be much easier. Nevertheless, you still have to make sure that the guests and property manager can reach out to you when needed.

Some ways for effective communication for remote Airbnb hosts are to:

  • Automate communication using ready-made templates that you can use when sending emails. These templates can help speed up confirmations for reservations, check-ins, or others that require a quick response. You will never miss anything important again.
  • Use keyless door locks. Electronic doors that use a numeric code to open makes when transitioning from one guest to another. You can change the codes whenever a new guest arrives. You will also get notifications whenever they leave or check-in. It’s even better if you could install a security camera, so you can see who comes and goes. This method works best for remote hosts who enforce strict policies, such as “no parties.”
  • Use a messaging or call service. When your guests have to contact you, be sure that they can easily reach you. Sometimes, responding to emails can be slow. Therefore, you need a messaging app where they can either call or text you.

You may also want to have gifts for your new guests, which is easy to accomplish when you have hired a property manager to assist you.

Airbnb makes it easy for property owners

Make it easy for customers and property managers to contact you.


2. Cleaning

Managing your Airbnb is not complete without taking care of it; that is, cleaning, which is essential to the safety of your guests. Remember that the house reflects who you are as a host. Here are some tips:

  • Schedule cleaning regularly, which means before and after each guest.
  • Sometimes, unexpected things can happen. You may want to make cleaning arrangements with more than one cleaning company. This way, you have others to rely on when the primary cleaner is unavailable.
  • Pay attention to urgent requests. Some guests may want to have their room cleaned at a given time. You should always be ready to accommodate them, which enhances your reputation as a host.
  • List handymen, so you can call them in case of an emergency. It’s stressful enough that you cannot be there if something arises. However, it will be even more problematic if you do not know who to contact if an issue pops up. Make sure you know maintenance people who will be ready to respond if you have clogged toilets or even a leaky roof, for instance.

Make sure that you pay your cleaners and handymen on time. You can set up remote payments with them, which will save a lot of time when paying them.

A professional cleaning company is recommended for your Airbnb property

Regular cleaning (after every guest) is crucial for any Airbnb property.


3. Guests

It goes without saying that you need to take care of your guests. They are the reason why your business continues to thrive despite your absence. Therefore, you should always make sure that they are happy and satisfied with your services. Here are some ways that will allow you to achieve this goal:

  • Have a check-in helper. If you already hired a property manager, you can skip this step. However, if you plan to run everything on your own, you will still need someone that will be around to meet and greet your guests. This person should be someone whom you can trust. Reliability is important here, so be sure that you can count on the helper, especially if a guest will arrive late at night. Choose your helper wisely because they will serve as your business’ representative while you are gone.
  • Be ready with a comprehensive welcome guide. Many hosts forget that arriving at the property is not as simple as it seems. Guests, especially those who are from other countries, may not know what to do when they get to your Airbnb. They may also be unaware of the dos and don’ts in your property. This welcome guide bridges that gap. You can send the guide to your guest in advance via email. You can also print it out and have it ready for them to access when they arrive. The guide should contain instructions on how to operate appliances, emergency contact numbers, and your house rules.
  • List things that should be replenished often. And ensure that you stay on top of it. Most Airbnb properties provide coffee, sugar, tea, and other basics. Some may include extras, such as granola bars and lollies. But apart from these things, you also require toilet paper, shampoos, soaps, and dishwashing liquids. List these items and hand it over to your housekeeper to see if you need more supplies.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, here are more helpful tips when running your Airbnb remotely:

  • Remove carpets, if possible, and go for laminate flooring instead. It is more hard-wearing, and you will have no issues with stains. This type of flooring is more hygienic and easier to clean, as well.
  • Get rid of unnecessary ornaments, especially breakables.
  • Paint the walls using quality paint that does not crack and can be wiped for quick cleaning.
  • Your guests will not air your house for you, so make sure it has proper ventilation. It can also help lower your power bills.
  • Checking in is easy, and you can make it much easier for the guests with the help of your property manager. However, checking out can be an entirely different story. Ensure your guests leave on time so that the cleaner will enough time to prepare for the next guest.
  • You can notify guests regarding their check-out time. Be polite, however. You can use an automated messaging system that will let them know when it is time to leave.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to run your Airbnb even when you are not physically present in the property. You may also opt to hire a property manager, which will significantly reduce your responsibilities. Property managers will look after your Airbnb and will take care of different tasks, including cleaning and meeting the guests.

BnB Hosts can help you manage your property while you travel or focus on your full-time job. Contact us now to learn more about our property management services.