Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Effective Airbnb Listing

Listing Your Property Jun 2019 Comprehensive guide

An Airbnb listing is one of the most crucial elements that will bring in people to your property. There are three main parts of the listing: the title, description, and pictures. Out of these three, you can already tell that pictures will capture the attention of a potential guest. However, it does not mean you should give more focus on the images that you upload.

The title and the description are as important as the pictures. Titles capture the attention of the reader first but you have to keep them interested. The body of the listing or the description is essential because it provides all the reasons why the readers should book your property.

Crafting the Title

The goal of the title is to entice prospective guests so they read your listing. You should aim to have a great title, which will help you achieve a high clickthrough rate. You will have to experiment a little to see which can affect the number of views you get for each listing.

Composing the title can be challenging, but here are some tips that will catch the attention of the readers:Crafting the title

  • Use as much space as you can, which is up to 50 characters.
  • Choose the right words, preferably those that add value to the listing.
  • Target a specific audience, such as married couples, families, or solo travellers.
  • Include the best features of the property.
  • Replace general words, such as “nice” and “good” with catchy descriptions like “comfy” or “spacious.”
  • Make the title stand out using special characters, such as stars.
  • Modify the title whenever there are events. Make sure that you mention the location or the event itself.

It is not possible for you to come up with the perfect title. However, you can compose one that will stand out from the rest of the options.

Describing the Airbnb Property

Once you are through with the title, you can now proceed with the description. Here are some ways that will let you maximise the space for the description:

Provide answers before guests even ask.

Often, people would want to know about the exact location of the apartment, whether it is near a train station, bus stop, or mall. You should also provide information, such as the kind of beds available and if pets are welcome.

It also helps to outline certain rules, such as for house parties and other limitations. When answering questions, the important thing to do is for you to be honest. Provide clear details as much as you can so the potential guests do not have to ask twice.

Define your audience.

You understand your place more than anyone, which is why you know the best type of guest to cater to. If the whole apartment is for rent, you can accommodate many guests at the same time. It can be appealing for families and even a large group of friends.

Meanwhile, if you have a studio apartment, backpackers or a smaller group of people would be better as your target audience.

Showcase the best features of your home.

Showcase the best features of your homeAs with the title, you should highlight the features that you know will appeal to the readers. This time, however, you want to be more descriptive. Add the unique selling points of the Airbnb property. Provide an answer as to why your place stands out from the rest of the options.

For instance, you can talk about the amenities and why guests will find the property comfortable. You can also elaborate on the location of the apartment. If it is near a bar, restaurant, or within a few minutes from a popular tourist destination, you should mention it. Location is important for many travellers and your description should have these strong points.

Paint a picture of the property.

Talk about the space in detail. Think like a guest seeing the property for the first time. When describing the space, provide the condition, style, and other aspects. Even the level of noise in the area should be defined as well.

Once again, tailor the description to your target audience. For instance, if you want more business travellers to book the apartment, talk about a fast WiFi connection. If you have a room with an office desk and chair, you should also provide this detail.

On the other hand, if families are your main audience, you can mention that amenities are kid-friendly. Talk about the cosy living room where families can gather around for some fun storytelling, for instance.

Describe other facilities.

Be as detailed as possible. Include every unique and traditional aspect of the property. If you have a pool, BBQ area, Jacuzzi, or gym, do not forget to mention them in the listing.

If you have tough competition in your area, you need to up the ante. You may want to add some extras that will enhance the overall experience of your guests. You can offer perks that other Airbnb hosts may not have, such as free phone usage for local calls. If you are located in a bike-friendly neighbourhood, you can provide bike rentals. The travellers will also love it if you can give them some snacks.

Write a call to action.

Finally, the description will not be complete without a call to action. Include methods on how your guests can reach out to you for booking or enquiries.

Adding Photos

The competition may be serious in your city but you can beat them with a stunning feature photo. Potential guests will not let your listing pass without viewing the whole ad. Guests may find the title of the listing enticing, as well as the description. However, they will only believe your claims if you can provide photos.

The pictures you upload should be appealing and inspirational. They should motivate the viewer to book right away. The display photo gives most of the first impressions for the property.

The most important step here is to find the best person to do the photography for you. Luckily, here at BnB Hosts, you can get photography services for your listing. The experts will market your property to the right guests as well.

Adding photosTo complete the process, here are more useful tips that you can practice for your Airbnb ad:

  • Audience: Once again, your target audience has a significant impact on how you take the photos. If you want to attract business owners, you should snap pictures of the office space if you have one. If not, you can display the desk area in a manner that professionals will feel they will be comfortable working in that space.
  • Features: Show off what your home can offer to your guests. If you have innovative fixtures and lighting, display them in the pictures. Think of these features as the things that will help you stand out from the sea of Airbnb hosts in Australia. Plus, the viewers will remember the photos more than the description you have provided.

Some hosts take the photos on their own. However, it is always better to enlist the help of a professional photographer. BNB Hosts will listen to your goals and requests. At the same time, the photographer’s experience and knowledge will allow you to get the desired results.

More Tips for Your Listing

Aside from the pieces of advice listed above, you will find more useful tips for your listing below:

  • If you plan to take your own photos, make sure that you only use a professional camera. Never rely on your smartphone.
  • Before taking pictures, you should get rid of the clutter first. No one wants to see a messy bedroom or living area. Clean all the dishes and keep everything organised.
  • As much as possible, take as many shots as you can for every part of the house. This way, you can pick the best one out of all the choices.
  • When describing the unrivalled parts of the property, make sure that you can back your claims up with photos.
  • The description should also be segmented into different sections. You can divide the details by area and make sure you use subheads. This way, the guests can quickly skim through your listing.
  • Pricing is certainly an essential factor that can heavily affect the decision of the travellers whether they book or not. Before placing the cost per night, you should guarantee that you have just the right price. Never make your house too pricey but also not too affordable.

More tips for your listingOnce you have your listing, you want to be found on the search results. There are two ways to achieve this goal. First, you have to provide excellent customer support. Second, you should always keep your listings updated.

It also helps when you turn on “instant booking.” This feature allows guests to book conveniently without waiting times for confirmation. Also, it can aid in improving your ranking in the search results.

The ranking algorithm of Airbnb focuses on hosts that offer superior service for their guests. Keep your guests happy and you will be on your way towards a higher ranking.