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When you partner with BnB Hosts, you work with Airbnb property investment professionals who will help manage your property. It’s a three-step process that will lead to a successful short-term rental business.

Step 1

Property Assessment

Before you start your Airbnb journey, we recommend having your property evaluated first. Our experts will help you achieve a suitable pricing strategy for your home. It is not an easy feat, especially if you are a beginner.

Airbnb has its own estimator but it is not detailed because there are local laws and other factors to consider. Your goal is to make astute investments. In this case, all potential costs come into play. These costs include furnishing, facilities, and other extras that you may want to offer to your guests such as an Internet connection.

You want to make sure you count everything in. When you run a fully-furnished home and turn it into your business, it can get expensive. Therefore, you have to get in all your expenses when you calculate the complete costs.

Property assessment
Property man

There are also other things to consider. It is not wise to leave out house price appreciation. Purchasing any real estate property involves attention to the trajectory of prices. Although forecasts over the next few months to a year are not easy to make, our experts understand the movement of the prices over the past years. We can help you utilise the information in making the correct decision.

Lastly, you need to understand the precise expected returns out of your investment. After thorough research, we record the data and we run all the numbers for assessment. Then, we derive certain metrics to let you know how much you can earn within a given period.

This first step involves you making the initial enquiry. You can complete our form and a property manager will contact you to get more information about your house. The next step now is to have your home appraised where we will provide you an accurate estimate of the profits you can receive.

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Step 2

Photography and Marketing

Once you have your property in order, it is time to put it out there. It is not easy to market your home, especially with thousands of competitors that already exist. Most of them have their recurring customers, which may be difficult to acquire.

However, with the right marketing techniques, you can target new and old guests. BnB Hosts has been working in the hospitality industry for a long time. During these years, our pros have acquired the knowledge and strategies that will allow you to get booked immediately.

Photography and Marketing
Photography and Marketing

From taking high-quality pictures to advertising your property, we are the experts you can turn to. There are three key ingredients to successful photography: lighting, composition, and cleanliness. Our experienced photographers will not only take striking photos but will also set up your entire Airbnb listing.

As a host and a property owner, you know the importance of great pictures. They are a representation of what your home is like both on the inside and the outside. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” as they say. Your marketing photos should be effective to inspire people to click on your listing and book.

We take photography seriously and we make sure your pictures, once uploaded, will sell.

Step 3

Start Earning

With everything set, you can begin making profits out of your property. It does not end here though since a short term rental like Airbnb requires lots of legwork. There is still a constant need to market the unit. Plus, you should respond to enquiries without delay. Someone has to be ready to meet the demands of your guests.

When the bookings come rolling in, your main objective is to divide your time wisely. It can be difficult to manage more than one Airbnb property. It is, therefore, crucial to automate the tasks as much as you can. This is where BnB Hosts shine. Our property management services include everything you will ever need to keep your Airbnb business going.

BnB Hosts delivers a complete line of services so we take over the short-term rental procedure for you. You will have a dedicated property manager who will work with you. We will also take care of listing optimisation, along with property photography. We provide rental price guidance and evaluation. Finally, we provide housekeeping and maintenance of the property.

If there are problems, we have 24/7 support lines that will handle the issues relating to your rental business. Airbnb has grown to more than 190 countries around the world, including Australia. It has become an earning opportunity for many homeowners. Efficiently managing your property is crucial to your business’ profitability.

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