The Three Main Airbnb Host Categories: Which One Are You?

Airbnb 101 Apr 2020 Which type of Airbnb host are you?

Whether you are a new or experienced host, you may have read several blogs and articles about hosting by now. At this point, you probably noticed one significant thing. Most of these articles are geared towards the “general” type of host.

For many people, they view themselves as the typical host. However, did you know that there are other types of Airbnb hosts?

This blog will educate you on the primary categories of BnB hosts. From these classifications, you will learn which among them best suits your hosting style. Depending on your type, you will need a special set of tools, advice, and other resources to keep your short-term rental going.

Each type of host faces a unique challenge. Even if you are the “standard” type, some issues can make or break you. With this blog, you will not only know which category you fall into but also arm yourself with the knowledge and techniques to rise above those problems.


Bed-and-Breakfast Hosts

Here is how it all starts. First, we need to know the type of Airbnb host you are:

  • Is your Airbnb property big enough? It has at least one extra bedroom that you can rent out to guests so that you can supplement your income.
  • Does it excite you to make money while having travellers stay in your home? Every time a guest chooses your property, do you take the chance to get to know them, their culture, traits, and others?
  • When guests book, do they get an affordable room where they can stay for a night (or more)?
  • Do you make sure that your guests are always happy and comfortable?
  • Do you even add personal touches to your place to show a little bit of your creative side and personality?

If you answer mostly “yes” to the questions above, you are a bed-and-breakfast host.

Your goal is to communicate with your guests without making them feel you are too invasive. You should also make sure that your home is clean all the time.

Usually, bed-and-breakfast hosts lack the right communication skills. The best way to solve this deficiency is to create healthy boundaries. You can also draw communication guidelines to give your guests the privacy and space they require. You want to be present when they need something – but not too present.

Earning five stars becomes easy when you have set the right limitations with how you talk to your guests. Additionally, you should ensure all areas are exquisitely clean, not just the bedroom and bathroom. Give special attention to the kitchen and living space, since these rooms are where most previous guests linger.

This post gives you pointers on how you can manage cleaning and turnovers. This way, when the previous guests leave, you can keep your home tidy and ready for the next one.


“Feel Like Home” Hosts

Then, we have the next Airbnb host category:

  • Do you want to make sure that your guests feel at home all the time? After all, they are staying in your home, right?
  • When you list your home on Airbnb, is it your primary residence? If you have not written a listing yet, we suggest that you read this guide.
  • Do you travel often or you have another home where you usually sleep? Because of the vacancy, you are more than happy to rent out your place while you are away.

If you answer mostly “yes,” you are the type of host that make guests “feel like home.”

When you fall this hosting category, your biggest challenge is that your home turns out to be extremely cluttered. You may always be busy and out of the house. Therefore, the entire property can get messy when you cannot take care of it (which is more often than not).

Since the property is your own home, you may also constantly worry about your personal items. You leave them in the area, which means other guests can have access to them. These belongings can include your clothing, cups, brushes, towels, and blankets. Sure, some of these items can be used by visitors. However, you may not be too pleased with this idea because there is a chance other people will damage them.

Having a clean, uncluttered bathroom is important

You can still maintain a sense of “home” with a clean, uncluttered bathroom.

In your situation, guests will review your home and service. You will most likely lose a few stars when it comes to cleanliness and value. How can you deal with this issue? You can talk to the guests and explain your case. However, it may not always work. The best thing that you can do now is to have a turnover assistant that you can trust.

A turnover assistant can also be a property manager. This professional knows how to handle everything related to running an Airbnb. From keeping your home clean to maintaining its value, the property manager will make it all easy for you.

Property managers understand the ins and outs of Airbnb hosting. They can assist you in making your home more guest-friendly while giving you the peace of mind your belongings are safe.

It is logical for you to feel a little bit confident when you operate your Airbnb business. You may automatically think that you can do everything on your own. After all, no one knows your home more than you. However, since you are frequently travelling or out of your primary residence, you need a professional’s help and advice.

The high season can become tricky. In many places in Australia, the high season begins during the summer. Many people are travelling to the country and specific cities. They also stay at least one night to enjoy the location. During this time, your vacancy rate decreases with more people piling in to have fun under the Aussie sun.

If your home is near the beach or a tourist destination, it may be difficult for you to handle the bookings. A turnover assistant or property manager will guarantee that you continue earning even when you are not in the area. Also, the professional you are working with can help increase your profits by up to eight times.

Think about it. You travel, and a guest stays in your home for about three weeks. Perhaps you made $500 out of the deal. However, you may not be present when the guests leave, so your home remains empty until you return.

With a property management company, reservations are well taken care of. Guests continue to book your place, and the property manager will welcome them for you. Even better, you can earn $4,500 in those three weeks, as if you are physically around to ensure the business keeps running.

As mentioned above, if you are the “feels-like-home” type of host, you also have to watch out for your lower value rating. Since you treat the property as your home, you put high regard to it. Emotions become involved here, especially when it comes to pricing the space. Many hosts are biased, believing that they are setting the right price for their homes.

While some guests may be okay with it, many others will complain, especially if the place and your service do not seem worth the penny. You can charge higher during the summer or peak periods. If there are events where people, mainly tourists and entrepreneurs, flock, you can also increase your price.

However, the most important thing to bear in mind is that many guests may not agree with your partiality towards your home. If you provide them with convincing reasons why you are upping the charges, there will not be any problems. Some ways to prove your Airbnb’s worth is to leave a bottle of quality wine. You can also have flowers, welcome baskets, and tickets to events.


Mega Hosts

Finally, we have the last host category:

  • You are this type of host if you have multiple listings on Airbnb (or at least two).
  • Some of the properties may be your home, but most are houses that you have rented. You have decided to earn profits from them by inviting guests over for accommodation.
  • You believe you are an investment mogul because of the properties you have in your portfolio.
  • Even though you are busy with many houses that you have put up for short-term renting, you still want to keep your guests happy. They should always have a quality experience, so they leave you a good rating.

If you agree to at least two of the statements above, you are considered the “mega-host.”

This type of host has plenty of Airbnb listings managed alone or with the help of a property management company. It is an exciting venture to be in the world of short-term renting. Profitability is usually guaranteed, particularly when you know what you are doing.

When you take care of your business, it will give you a handsome payback. However, being a mega-host is not always attractive. You mostly suffer from the lack of personalisation in each space because you have multiple properties. It may not be easy for you to create a community vibe, as well. Although you do care about what your guests say about you, you may not be a big fan of having sentimental feelings and connection with the property.

Most of your guests may complain about the lack of communication. Mega-hosts also have to deal with check-in issues because guests may not have clear instructions about the process. All these problems stem from you being an overly busy host and property owner.

What do you need to do to become a worthwhile Airbnb host? The key is to put your personality when you write your listing. Give your guests the feeling that they are dealing with a real person. At the same time, take this opportunity to show the readers you will be there for them when they need you.

As a mega-host, you should instil your personal touch on the property. Let us say that you have more than 10 listings in one neighbourhood alone. In reality, you are a warm-hearted person who is always approachable and friendly. However, it can be difficult to match this personality with your guests, especially since you are a busy person. Your reviews show that you are kind but aloof to the clients. It is not the description you should go for.

Be inviting

By adding little touches to your property, you’re being a more much inviting host.

Make every listing matter by hiring a property manager. This person will serve as your representative when welcoming, directing, and serving guests. Communication is key in all businesses. If you have no time to dedicate a few moments to sit down and talk to your guests, you can leave this job to your property manager. This way, you give them the guise of being fully responsive at all times.


Which Type of Host Are You?

By looking at the categories mentioned above, you may realise that you do not fall specifically into a certain group. Your traits overlap with two of these types.

BnB Hosts can help you understand what type of host you are, what challenges you may face, and how you can resolve them. Learn more about our services by contacting us or filling out this form.