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While we operate Australia-wide, here’s some of our popular locations:


Find out why Airbnb hosts, investors and property owners in Sydney typically make more in 6 months than any other city does in 12 months.

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Melbourne traditionally offers one of the best short-term rental markets in Australia. Learn how to take advantage of this growing market here.

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Among the best returns in Australia (based on earning potential vs purchase price). The short term rental market in South Australia is booming.

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WA just saw a 50% increase in Airbnb properties, but a 100% increase in demand. Cash in on the demand with your property.

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Lorne to Geelong

The fastest growing region outside of Greater Melbourne, and it’s not just day trippers. Accommodation is in demand all year round.

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Sunshine Coast

In 2018/19 there were over 7.7 million domestic visitor nights on the Sunshine Coast. The demand for short-stay rentals has never been higher.

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With so many local and international visitors arriving each year, the Cairns short term rental market is exploding.

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