The Top Australian Destinations to Explore During Winter

Tourist Hotspots May 2020 Perisher Valley, New South Wales

Winter is mostly time spent at home for relaxing and comfort. It is a slow and steady season that gives way to the process of change. Usually, Aussies escape the frosty temperatures by moving towards the Northern Hemisphere. But there is no better time to enjoy an Australian getaway than in winter.

With only half of the nation experiencing the cold spell, the other parts are warm and dry. Therefore, travelling during wintertime will not always give you miserable weather. When in Australia, you have the option to relish a tropical holiday or a snowy adventure.

Here are the best selections that Aussie winter can offer:


  1. Have a Wonderful Time at the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria

    The glorious region of Mornington provides scenic beauty, along with food and wine that you cannot say no to. Winter in the peninsula will give you plenty of things to do, including:

    • Winter Wine Festival
    • Winter Solstice Festival
    • Mornington Jazz Festival

    You may want to time your trip so you can participate in the above events.

    Even if you miss the activities, you still have several choices, from dining to golfing to shopping. Book in advance to secure your journey. You can get to Mornington via ferry, bus, or car. Organised tours are also available.

  2. Enjoy Fun Adventures in the Ski Fields of Victoria and New South Wales

    Winter is the best time for a ski holiday. You may not have too many options in Australia to go skiing. Locals, however, would often recommend two ultimate sites: the Victorian Alps in Victoria and the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales.

    There has always been a debate about which of these two gives better snow. But there is no time for you to contemplate. Just hit wherever you are closest to so you can truly have a great time.

    If you insist on choosing, here are some points to consider:

    • The Victorian High Country is one of the best places to visit in the summer. You can only imagine how breathtaking the area becomes when a thick blanket of snow covers it. You can ski right from the lift all the way to your chalet door. The Victorian Alps presents jewels, such as Mt Hotham for expert skiers and snowboarders and Falls Creek, which are deemed the best ski resorts in the state. Also, there’s Mt Buller, which is just three hours from Melbourne and an excellent destination for weekend warriors.
    • As for the Snowy Mountains, they are interesting enough on their own. You may not want to miss the chance to visit the highest mountain range in the country. Plus, it is also where Mt Kosciuszko is located, which is the tallest mountain in Australia. There is an alpine village as well called Thredbo, where numerous skiers go. A ski resort called Perisher offers four skiing parts. Other resorts include Charlottes Pass, which is where snow falls consistently and Selwyn Snowfields, which is family-friendly.

    No matter where you go, you are bound to have one of the most memorable moments in your life.

  3. Thaw Out in Dry Areas Like the Top End

    Southern Australia brings freezing temperatures throughout winter. However, it does not mean the whole country is going through the same thing. The Top End and Darwin are two places where it remains warm and dry even in winter months. You get ideal weather for discovering different attractions and activities in Darwin, such as:

    • DarwinVisiting the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets Going cage swimming with crocodiles
    • Watching a movie at Deck Chair Cinema under the open skies
    • Dropping by in Litchfield National Park to experience a series of linked pools
    • Lounging by the Florence Falls and Wangi Falls
    • Canoeing in ancient gorges at the Nitmiluk National Park

    The sun is out, and the nights are cool in these areas. It’s like evading winter completely!

  4. Explore the Wonders of Uluru or Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory

    During winter, there are over 50,000 lights at the Field of Light in Uluru. Bruce Munro, an internationally acclaimed artist, installed this global phenomenon. It showcases the beauty of the surroundings as soon as darkness falls.

    The Field of Light (Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku) brightens Pitjantjatjara and is currently the largest project that Munro ever made. The size is indeed overwhelming, covering at least seven football fields.

    For another entertainment option, Uluru Camel Racing Club offers the fun-filled Camel Cup. It usually takes place at the Outback Pioneer Hotel and Bar on a Saturday. Before the race, you can bet on the camel that you feel will win the race. You can also go dance or watch some local acts performing Friday night.

    If you do not want to take part in the race, there are still lots of things to do, such as outback games and a reptile show.

  5. Book a Hamilton Island Holiday in Queensland

    Hamilton islandHamilton Island is the Whitsunday Islands’ biggest island. It is also one of the most popular destinations, especially during winter, which is the dry season in the area. Temperatures would often hover around 25 degrees, making it a good destination when all else is too cold to explore.

    While in Hamilton Island, you can witness a flurry of yachts sailing around the waters. During this time, the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is held, which is a must-see if you are a boating enthusiast.

    It is also a great time to go diving, mainly because the stinger season concludes in May. You are free to discover the beauty underneath the turquoise waters and even get close to the colourful reefs. If you simply want to laze out, the Whitehaven Beach will give you stunning views. The best part is that you do not have to wear a stinger suit.

  6. Revel in Hobart’s Surprises in Tasmania

    Hobart may not be at the top of your list if you plan to visit Australia, but it is one of the places that come to life in winter. Festivals are typically hard to come by during winter – but Hobart is an exception. Dark Mofo celebrates everything that represents the Winter Solstice by offering relaxed performances and decadent banquets. You will also witness fire and light shows, along with other offbeat presentations.

    Another event is the Festival of Voices. If you are a fan of musical productions, you should not miss this experience. It transforms Hobart into a lively singing city with concerts and other performances. You can also join educational workshops or the Bing Sing Bonfire, which is a free event that attracts 5,000 people annually.

  7. Have a Cool Weekend in the Barossa Valley in South Australia

    Quite frequently, Barossa is associated with its famous Shiraz, which goes well with the chilly air. Therefore, you do not want to miss the chance to take a sip of wine and enjoy the local artisan cheese by the fire in a Barossa Valley winter.

    You can take pleasure in what the area offers without worrying about the crowds. You can take a stroll and admire the vines and even meet winemakers. It is also a great time to buy some brand new released wines, which are still on bargain prices.

    Some wineries to visit are Pindarie and Kellermeister, where you can actually enjoy scenic views across the valley. Also, Yelland and Pappas tasting room is a must-try, especially if you crave the feel of a cosy home while you have a bottle of vino with you.
    Barossa valley

  8. Have a Warm Winter Holiday in Broome, Western Australia

    No one likes to drive around worrying about frost on the car window. If you are tired of wrapping yourself up in a scarf and beanie, you can head to Broome. There is just something special about this town, particularly if you love an outback coastal vibe. It is a remote getaway, so you should be sure to have all your essentials packed.

    Broome has a slow-paced, small-town charm. It offers an eclectic assortment of grunge and bohemian styles with just a little bit of posh on the side. There are shopping sites, cafes, restaurants, and boisterous nightlife.

    A popular destination is Cable Beach, which has been consistently one of Australia’s best. The beach itself is 22km wide, offering far-reaching waters and sands that are perfect for long walks, polo, and beach cricket. It is also where people go for sunset drinks at 5 PM.

  9. Discover More of Bustling Sydney, NSW

    SydneySydney is always a traveller magnet because it offers plenty of things to do and see no matter what time of the year. It may be busier in warmer months, but you should definitely make a stopover when Sydney transforms into a winter wonderland.

    Darling Harbour, for instance, has an ice skating rink, or you can join the Vivid Sydney Festival to see the city draped with colourful lights.

    Winter is fast approaching, and Australia offers adventures that cater to everyone’s likes and preferences. From a calm drive to a summery winter experience to an energetic event, Aussie winter has everything! Plus, the season presents accommodation, plane tickets, and other purchases at a bargain. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit now.