BnB Hosts provides property management services for listings on Airbnb

The ultimate SuperHost for property owners who want to maximise short term rental value

We are committed to helping you transform your property into an asset that produces consistently higher returns.

And your returns are generated while everything is done for you. Every step of the process is taken care of, by us. With our expertise we will ensure every short stay experience is a success. You then generate the best returns possible, and the high-quality guest bookings keep rolling in.

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Benefits of BnB Hosts

No more worries

No More Worries

We take care of everything from the start to end

  • Small maintenance issues & costs are covered
  • Bookings
  • Cleaning
  • Reports
  • Payments
  • Set, forget and collect with peace of mind

Maximise Returns

Maximise Returns

More guests, higher returns, more money in your pocket

  • 25% increase in cash returns for our clients
  • 50%-100% increase in cashflow monthly
  • We send reports & pay monthly
  • No vacancies
  • No advertising fees
  • Pay off your mortgage quicker
  • Create a positive cash-flow property
  • We get top dollar per stay in each suburb

Leading Experts

Leading Experts

Best Airbnb management company

  • Over 1,000 students learning our education platform
  • We speak to over 6,000 Hosts, Entrepreneurs & Property Owners yearly
  • We teach the Airbnb Algorithm & formula that other management companies simply do not
  • Multiple properties with same owners
  • We are trusted & deliver on our promises

100% Commited

100% Commited

Your property is looked after like it is our own

  • Staging and prestigious cleaning
  • Less wear and tear than a normal tenant
  • Small maintenance issues taken care of.
  • Consistent inspections.
  • Absolute no party policy.
  • Guest screening with reviews & ID checks
  • No pet policy
  • No smoking policy

Our Services

Set, forget and collect…while we do all the work for you.

Property styling

Property Styling

Find out how we can help turn your simple space into something that will inspire more guests to keep booking.

The right styling job will have your guests market your property for you. With the Airbnb industry growing and becoming more competitive each day, you want your property to stand out. Secure better ratings, happy customers, positive reviews, and better popularity with our help.

You do not need panoramic views or an idyllic location to gain more bookings. We will assist you so you can switch up your property’s interior design and make it more interesting. At the same time, it will be appropriate to your target guests. Whether you aim to entice more business travellers or young families, you will have a suitable property style that works best.

Professional cleaning

Professional Cleaning

Focus on your property rental business. Take your mind off tidying up because we will do it for you. Hiring professional cleaning services is a major game changer. You will save a lot with your time. Even better, you never need to scrub the toilet yourself.

BnB Hosts is your personal A-team. We specialise in rental cleaning services so you do not just have a “clean” home but a “hosting clean” home. You are covered from top to bottom. Our professional company is properly equipped. If you need our service on short notice, we will be there. We have put together a team so your home gets back in shape faster than ever. This way, you can welcome new guests and boost your profits without delay.

Customer communication

Customer Communication

As with any business, your customers are the most important. When you reach their expectations, they will keep coming back. What’s more, they will help promote your rental business. Take care of your customers and you will spend less time and money on marketing.

Let us help you craft a customer communication strategy. The goal is to communicate with your guests so as to maximise their experience. Right from the moment they enquire about your property for rent, communication begins. You want to close the deal quickly while ensuring the guests are aware of the house guidelines. There should be no false claims to avoid misunderstandings and wrong expectations.

We will guide you on how you can communicate with your guests in an effective manner. Contacting them after they have checked in and out is crucial. It helps avoid problems and lets you present a solution in case there is an issue.

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Are you ready to have a five-star Airbnb property? Talk to us to learn more about how we can help. Whether you need to have your property managed or you are new to the Airbnb rental market, we are here to help.

Our company is highly-trusted and recommended all over Australia. Our clients turn to us, allowing our team to manage a large portfolio of Airbnb homes in the country. Our goal is to help owners transform their investment into something that they can truly profit from.

Get in touch with one of BnB Hosts representatives for more details. We will also offer you with an appraisal. Don’t worry; it is completely obligation-free. Click the button below to start.

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Why Choose BnB Hosts

With different companies ready to take over your property, here are the reasons why BnB Hosts is a much better option than our competitors:

  • We help increase your rental income. Our five-star property management service is here to improve your rental revenue. With the aid of our industry expertise, we will guide you based on the recent hospitality trends. We use our intimate knowledge to optimise your pricing, occupancy rate, and Airbnb listing.
  • No more hassles. We will take care of everything for you. Whether it is to manage your listing, change prices, key exchange, or cleaning, we will handle it all. You can now sit back and relax while watching your rental profits grow. Best of all, your customers will leave with a smile on their faces.
  • We adapt our services to your situation. We are aware that no situation is alike. Your unique case allows us to plan what is best for you. Whether you wish to rent out your property on Airbnb while you are away or you have a spare room (or apartment, we will tailor a solution just for you.

As a management company for vacation rentals, BnB Hosts offers a suite of services specifically designed to give your guests the best experience whenever they stay at your property.

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Beautiful, inviting, stylish cosy space overlooking lush tropical gardens and pool area. Absolutely accurate description! We really enjoyed ourselves and Noosa! Thanks Nicole, we’ll be back one day!


Nicole and Sherrie made everything very easy, early check in was accommodated. A bottle of wine was also kindly left chilled in the fridge for us to enjoy. Linen was clean and of great quality which made the unit feel comfortable and cosy. Really enjoyed the stay and facilities were great.


Nicole was an exceptional host with an incredible home. The apartment is located in a prime city location and was very contemporary and well maintained. I would recommend Nicole as a host to any guest in a heartbeat.

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